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Tottenham Hot Spurs set 160 million pounds for Harry Caine Fee

Tottenham Hot Spurs set 160 million pounds for Harry Caine Fee. Tottenham Hot Spurs must surrender to brace himself Harry Caine. But confirmed that the club have paid a fee of 160 million pounds.

The 27-year-old spearhead has been linked with a move since an interview with Sky Sports in May. By speaking out at that time, the media linked the news to the team until now.

Recently, The Sun revealed that Spurs chairman Daniel Levy had given up on holding the England striker and agreed to allow the player to move. But there is a condition that must be paid for 160 million pounds

British media continued to report that Levy had informed Kane and Charlie on behalf of the players about the matter since Friday. Before the matter will be forwarded to relatives and friends. of this striker on Sunday. When the player attended his brother’s wedding

For Kane, he has been linked with Manchester City on an ongoing basis. In the report, the Blues are ready to pay the 27-year-old up to £400,000 a week.

The Sun believes the transfer will depend on whether City will be willing to pay Spurs what they want. Over the past few months, the latest Premier League champions have been looking for a new striker to replace Sergio Aguero.