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Thomas Muller said that Bayern Munich hoped to qualify.

Bayern Munich forward Thomas Muller has identify himself. And others looking forward to the next round. But stressed not to underestimate Salzburg football team.

The Tigers will open the Allianz Arena against Salzburg in the Champions League round of 16 second  this tuesday night. The first game was tied with a score of 1-1. 

On Monday, the Germany international reveal UFABET the team had only one goal – to reach the next round. And said Salzburg would be hard work for himself. And others will definitely not be careless.

“We have and want to go through to the next round.” Thomas Muller said.

“If we can do that. This season might just be a successful season. It might not be a good season for Bayern but I’m not worried about that. Things are look good.

“In the first game we saw what potential Salzburg had especially playing in front of their fans. The game didn’t go according to our plan. but we are confident We know the expectations and have not overlook Salzburg.”

Thomas Muller

 Join the German national football team for the first time in 2004-2005 in the Under-16s. 2007 Under-19s , in 2008 Under-20s , in 2009-2010. Youngsters under 21 years later got the opportunity to step up to the German national team in 2010. Playing more than 95 times, scoring more than 38 goals is a key player of the German national team. That was call up often in the national team.

 Thomas Muller first started playing football at the youth club level in 1993-2000 at TSV Pähl , a youth club in Germany. where he has been playing for a period of 7 years, then moved to join the youth club Bayern Munich The famous team in Germany in the year 2000-2007 played for 7 years.

Before stepping up to join a professional football club with Bayern Munich in 2007-2009, playing more than 323 times, scoring more than 122 goals, is a player who has the ability to attack and score goals for Bayern Munich almost every time he’s on the field It is the top player of the Southern Tiger team who has always been given the opportunity to enter the field and is another important force of the team.