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Rio threw Ralph Rangnick not saying everything at the press conference.

Rio Ferdinand a prominent analyst has slammed Ralph Rangnick of Manchester United‘s acting manager. For some quiet words at a pre-match readiness statement. Because in the past, speaking without a hustle. Take the internal problems to tell the outside. Until it affects the working atmosphere more or less.

Usually the big boss who is a job talks but is pretty. Tell enough formally about the condition of the team or keep the problem in the fence. But Ralph Rangnick tells it all. Revealing all the latest issues , complaining about the lack of support from the board to enhance the market striker Jan.

Ferdinand, the 63 -year -old boss, UFABET should be cautious about zipping his lips.

“ I’m not satisfied that you brought your internal problems to outsiders. While you are still in office When there is still a duty to do until the end of the season. ” the former defender after the prosperous era said via YouTube channel ‘ Five ‘ .

“ It’s good for the fans to know the story behind the team. But those information, when leaked, shouldn’t have happened. When receiving his salary It requires maturity, prudence, and respect for the surrounding people who work with it. ”

“ What does the wave hit behind the scenes? Any dissatisfaction in the position was discussed only in the house. people involved. ” 

“ I’ve been talking about it a couple of weeks ago. But nowadays, he seems to be bullshitting too much to the extent of his duty. instead of blaming the villagers instead of being responsible for the poor performance of the team since he took office. ” 

A 4-0 defeat against Brighton at the weekend gave United their lowest points tally in English Premier League history. Despite their final win over Crystal Palace.