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Moyes believes he can keep Declan Rice out of Manchester City.

West Ham manager David Moyes is confident their captain Declan Rice will remain trolled at the London Stadium next season. Despite the club’s Champions League draw or being bullied by Manchester City.

City looking for representatives of Fernandinho. Which Declan Rice responds to both ability or lifespan. The price is not less than 100 million pounds and the chance of occurrence is high. UFABET Because of the situation West Ham.  

However the Scottish boss remains confident West Ham’s team composition. And inspiring project will be attractive as the 22 -year-old collapses at the end of the 2022-23  season.

“ There aren’t many better players than my boys. Or to dissect Declan. He’d say – ok I want you to pass the ball better.”  Moyes talks about the future England captain.

” So you can look at players in the same position like Frenkie de Jong or like Jorginho.  You should look to players who survive in tight spaces well. ” 

“ But then if looking at the other dimension of play. The quality of the Declan is not inferior to anyone. I know about collecting the ball and the speed. That crumbles across the field as far as I can imagine. There are quite a few people who are as good as him. ” 

“ Rodri is a little different with a slightly unique way of playing. But Declan is a player that has been built to play with can do a variety. For now let’s add a goal-scoring weapon. ” 

“ There are few people in this position that are better than him. But I think Rice can still improve his game. We want that guy to be better in many ways. As revealed this season. ” 

” Besides he has a long-term contract here. A long commitment so from a personal point of view. We’re not worry about where he’s going. ”  

Before the weekend game. Rice has played in the English Premier League as West Ham and has more than 149 matches. A contract that is tied until the end of 2023-24 .