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Wijnaldum has confirmed a move to Paris Saint-Germain not for money

Holland midfielder Georginho Wijnaldum has confirmed a move to Paris Saint-Germain. not for money reasons Even before, Barcelona has always been a favorite.

Wijaldum’s contract with Liverpool expired last season. Before deciding to move to the Paris Saint-Germain team. The French giants have been heavily linked with Barcelona, ​​with former boss Ronald Koeman in charge.

After debuting with the team on a three-year contract, officially last Thursday. The hardworking midfielder said the main reason for choosing PSG was the club’s seriousness and interesting plans. 

“I admit it was a very difficult choice because I supported Barça since my youth. We negotiated with them and I felt good. But I spoke to other clubs as well, PSG had contacted them before.

“I spoke to Leonardo, followed by Pochettino, who I had known since he went to Tottenham. So I have had the opportunity to talk to him quite a lot.”

“PSG made me feel like they really wanted me to join the team. which plays an important role in decision making He explained the club’s plans to him. including the need to win various championships to increase both in France and in Europe I think the project here is great.” 

“From that point Negotiations went very well. They did everything for me to sign. and is faster than anyone else in negotiating It’s not a matter of earning more money here. Because it’s not much different. So I refuse again that I chose PSG because of money,” Wijnaldum concluded.